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FYI: LAN Rules

Postby VI=P=IIR on Fri Aug 26, 2005 9:15 am

These are available from the main page as well, but I figured they needed to be here as well:

LAN Party Rules

    1.        No one is allowed to bring any network hardware such as hubs, switches, or routers. These will all be provided.
    2.        No one is allowed to run any leeching software, malware, DHCP servers, or any type of server for that matter (other than game servers).
    3.        No one plugs in anything (power or network) without Special Agent assistance presence or authorization.
    4.        We require that people have patched up-to-date operating systems as well as updated virus definitions and run spyware removal tools before attending the LAN to eliminate virus and malware floods of the network. If you are found to have virus infections or malware installed on your computer, you will be disconnected from the network until you resolve the problem.
    5.        And probably the most important thing, if you don't plan on playing any games, then don't bother bringing your computer.
    6.        You will be allowed ONE power outlet plug. If your system takes more than one you must provide your own power strip, or leech off a buddy's. (DO NOT, under any circumstance, daisy chain power strips, this disrupts the organization of power, which needs to be precise, and makes for a less enjoyable LAN) If you do have a daisy chained power strip we WILL MAKE YOU shut down and correct the mistake. If you are not present WE WILL power off your system to correct the mistake.
    7.        No one will enter without a signed copy of the KGB Parental Consent/Release form. You must sign one even if you are over 18 for liability purposes.
    8.        Report ALL problems dealing with Power, Networking, Optimus' servers, cheating (legitimate), etc. to a Special Agent Immediately so they we can correct as needed.
    9.        NO machines are allowed in before 6:00 or before we are ready (excluding Special Agents). This is to ensure that everything is prepared for a more enjoyable LAN.
    Your own PC/Monitor.
    Your own power strip. These will NOT be provided, so don't ask.
    Your own headphones. No speakers.
    Your own CAT5 cable (try to get at least 15ft. if possible, no shorter than 10ft). These will NOT be provided, so don't ask
    Mark all your equipment. We are not responsible for your loss of equipment!
Do NOT Bring:
    Your chair(s)
    Weapons - This includes Airsoft guns/equipment
    Anything ridiculous or not listed under the BRING section, you get the idea.
Officers of the KGB reserve the right to kick you out of the building. Do not misbehave.

Many people also will host their own games so don't be afraid to walk around and see what other people are playing.

Make sure all your games/drivers/windows patches are up-to-date!

The Special Agents are not here to fix PCs that go down during the LAN.

KGB does not support the pirating of games. We strongly encourage that you purchase the games that you enjoy and will play again. Game developers work hard and deserve our business! Respect the hard work.
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