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OMEGA LAN Poster contest

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:09 pm
by PizzaDaHut67
In the spirit of getting poster contests going again, we will be having a poster contest for OMEGA LAN. The winning poster will be a case of pop of your choice (let us know before the LAN what type of pop you want, must be present at LAN to receive your prize). Deadline is the 24th so it can be printed and put up for a week, please submit your posters here.

Things to note about the poster
Needs to be 8.5:11 aspect ratio (8.5" X 11") (850px X 1100px)
Needs to have the title of the lan (OMEGA LAN v.10)
Needs to have when it is on it (Friday, May. 3rd @ 6:00pm - 2:00am)
Needs to have where on it (College Center Conference Room, 2310 Centennial Rd., Salina, KS)
A list of what to bring with you to the LAN


* Games
* Friends
* Board Games
* Consoles (6 projectors available)
* Computers (BYO network cable & power strip)"

A list of games we are going to play


* Planetside 2
* Halo 4
* Call of Duty 4, MW2-3 & BO 1-2
* Left4Dead 1-2
* CS: Source / CS: GO
* Diablo III
* Team Fortress 2
* BaboViolent 2
* League of Legends
* War Thunder
* Anything else you want to play"

Try to theme it someway, Iv seen really well done posters for a KGB lan L4D theme, so be creative, but remember this is a club about gaming.